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Important Information about us For more than 15 years we distribute Petrol.Net pills produced for us by the USA lubricant producer. Formula of our pills is strictly confidential but the idea behind it was firstly proposed during Second World War as a remedy to improve petrol of poor quality. Since than it was immensely improved and thoroughly tested. As a result we are proud to present Petrol.Net Pills - ultimate tablets dedicated to improve your engine performance either in cleaning your engine as well as conditioning fuel you use. Both actions produce not only economy in fuel consumption but reducing smog emission as well.

About Petrol.net Any questions? Please contact us. If our technical data is not sufficient for you to make a decision, do not hesitate and contact us. here

One Strip of 10 tablets will let you make from 5 to 10 fill-ups!
Our pills will clean your engine same time increase efficiency!!
Preserve your engine and environment!!!

Fuel additives with Best performance and Easiest way to apply!

We all know that petroleum prices are high and going to go EVEN HIGHER.

We all know that it is OUT OF OUR HANDS.

Still there are something WE CAN DO!

Petrol.Net tablets will SAVE up to 20% on your gas bill!

For those who don't believe we have reduced our pack to 5 fill-up "STRIP" - TEST IT and we guarantee that next time you order "JUMBO"!

Principles behind working forces of Petrol.Net

More information for your peace of mind: it is multifunctional 100% petroleum based package designed to improve the combustion efficiency in light diesel and petrol/gasoline. Petrol.Net tablets reduce surface tension which results in improved fuel flow and improved fuel atomization. These changes enhance fuel combustion with lower flame temperature, lower exhaust temperature and no ash or residue. Burn duration is increased which allows greater but conversion, a cleaner more efficient burn with reduced HCl, CO and NOX emissions. A smoother and more complete combustion of fuels relieves stress on bearings and rods, reduced harmful exhaust emissions and assures greater fuel economy.

Leader of Fuel Conditioner Sales for Private, Commercial and Industrial applications!


7 BENEFITS of using pills PETROL.NET

1. An increases of fuel efficiency by improving the combustion rate and reducing deposits.

2. An increase in power of engine and brings economy of fuel.

3. An increase of the engine’s life.

4. Reduces emission significantly.

5. Saves maintenance costs by reducing wear in injectors and pumps.

6. Eliminates water and bug problems.

7. Decreases the operating temperature of the engine.


It is impossible to drive your car without fuel, but MAKE IT CHEAPER - POSSIBLE!!!